Nomad Bundle


The Balance 20X is supercharged with a CAT-18 module expansion. Boasting two external antennas for maximum signal reception.

  • Peplink Balance 20X w/ CAT-18 LTEA Module
  • 2 External Antennas

Pepwave Balance 20X

The Peplink Balance 20X delivers excellent routing throughput, 11 AC Wave 2 WiFi, includes an embedded cellular modem, and supports the new FlexModule Mini so that you can add an optional second LTE radio. The Peplink Balance 20X guarantees the best mobile cellular performance.

Affordability Meets Adaptability

If you are traveling and need internet, there are few better options than the Balance 20X. Capable of working with any major cellular network in the USA as well as many international providers, the Balance 20X can provide Wi-Fi or easy Wi-Fi as WAN. With the additional FlexModule Mini you can have an additional cellular radio, giving you access to the power and connectivity of two different networks.

CAT-18 LTEA Expansion Module

An expansion module for the Peplink Balance 20X that adds a CAT-18 modem. Better performance, better signal quality.

2 External Antennas

Our external antennas are high-performance, 5G devices that come equipped with MIMO LTE, up to 3 WIFI and GPS. They are protected by rugged IP67 rated casing to withstand the elements.

The external antenna you will receive will either be a Parsec or Mobile Mark depending on availability of stock.

Key Features:

Omnidirectional multi-antenna with MIMO LTE
Covers all major LTE and 5G bands
Operating temperature from -40 to 85°C

Nomad Bundle


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