Traveler Bundle


A tried and true favorite of travelers. Great for RV owners that want a reliable connection without breaking the bank.

  • Peplink MAX Transit Mini CAT-4 Router
  • External Antenna

Peplink Max Transit Mini

Designed for Mobility

The MAX Transit Mini has specialized features for vehicular deployments. Ignition sensing, which detects the ignition status of the vehicle, enables the device to turn on and off as the vehicle starts up and shuts down. It is also equipped with GPS, enabling you to track its movements. With InControl’s fleet management, you can review the route history of all your vehicles from any web browser.

Scalable Management

With a footprint of 4.1 x 4.3 inches, the Transit Mini can fit in just about any small space. It can be powered using Passive PoE, reducing the number of wires in the vehicle. Most importantly, the Transit Mini can be remotely managed by InControl cloud management. This enables you to bulk push configurations and firmware updates, ensuring ease of use.

External Antenna

Our external antennas are high-performance, 5G devices that come equipped with MIMO LTE, up to 3 WIFI and GPS. They are protected by rugged IP67 rated casing to withstand the elements.

The external antenna you will receive will either be a Parsec or Mobile Mark depending on availability of stock.

Key Features:

Omnidirectional multi-antenna with MIMO LTE
Covers all major LTE and 5G bands
Operating temperature from -40 to 85°C

Traveler Bundle


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