RV Satellite Internet

If you want a reliable internet connection from anywhere in the United States, no matter how remote, there is only one option- satellite internet. Mobil Satellite Technologies offers the most affordable RV satellite internet antenna on the market, along with the most versatile service plans to match your unique needs.

For trailers, camper vans, and RVs, satellite internet is the best option for staying connected in very remote areas. For travelers that stick to within cellular range or are on a tight budget, cellular data plans may be an option as well.

RVDataSat HNS-RV HughesNet Mobile Satellite Antenna

The most affordable auto-pointing RV satellite internet antenna for the HughesNet network. Connect from virtually anywhere in the United States with speeds up to 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.

iDirect Internet Access Service Plans

The iDirect Access plans are full-time, always on, un-metered service plans. These plans allow unlimited web surfing, email, and other common web applications. But, to maintain network quality for all users, applications like VoIP, video, Skype ™, Netflix ™, Hulu ™, and all of the other services that require a constant non-bursting stream of data to operate are given very low data rates and very low data packet priority within the network. If you desire to use your Netflix account over your satellite Internet connection we recommend our RV Entertainment service plans below.

All of our plans are for a one-year contract and include 7 days a week USA technical support from the experts at Mobil Satellite Technologies. 

Streaming Netflix or Hulu Over Satellite?

RV Entertainment service plans are for RV enthusiasts who regularly use Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for their video entertainment. Using these streaming platforms over a cellular connection can be a very painful experience if you are very remote. The RV Entertainment plans are full-time, always-on satellite broadband plans that have a fixed monthly cost and include a late-night “Free Zone”, when Netflix movies and TV shows can be downloaded at full network speeds. We recommend using this time to download the movies and entertainment you will need for the following day.

*RV Entertainment plans have a night time free zone from Midnight to 6:00 AM EDT.

VoIP Over Satellite Internet

Now you can enjoy reliable phone service in any location, with no spotty coverage or dead zones. Satellite voice over IP (VoIP) uses your Internet connection to complete your calls.

  • Unlimited local and domestic USA long distance
  • Works with any analog telephone, cordless or corded
  • Local phone numbers available for most areas

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RV Satellite Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile satellite internet is a much more complicated, technically-involved service than stationary satellite internet. Because of this, different service and equipment are needed. If your budget doesn’t allow for the increase in cost, we recommend our RV cellular services.

Unfortunately, no. All land-based mobile VSAT dish systems require the vehicle be parked to connect, and can even be damaged if the vehicle is traveling while the antenna is deployed.

Data is sent from a teleport up to a geo-stationary satellite in a semi-permanent earth orbit about 23,000 miles out into space. The satellite receives the data, amplifies it, and then re-transmits it down to earth in a specific pattern called a beam, where it is received by a satellite antenna called a terminal.

Each router or Wireless access point we sell comes preconfigured with security already built in.

Press the deploy button on the controller will deploy the dish. As long as it can find a signal, the antenna will lock on to the satellite usually within 3 to 9 minutes.

VPNs can be very challenging over satellite. VPNs tend to bypass the TCP acceleration and web page acceleration that is built into the network, and as a result, the throughput of the network connection can be reduced by as much as 75%. We do offer several “satellite friendly” VPN solutions, so there are workarounds available to make VPN work with our satellite service.

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